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Shiretoko goko lakes tour  Wild Shiretoko. I guide you.

Shiretoko goko tour

From spring when a brown bear is active lively in the summer,
Promenades around the 3-5 lake above the ground were always closed before, and nobody was able to enter it.
A new system is introduced in 2011,
Only the guide who learned encounter evasion and the actions to be taken with the brown bear leads a visitor and may enter.

It is recommended for such a person!
wants to go to the famous place
wants to feel the thrill of the bear
likes watersides.

An adult (12 years old or older): 5,000 yen
Child (11 years or younger) 2,500 yen
An object: More than a primary schoolchild
Walk distance: Approximately 3km
The time required: Approximately three hours

※Because we are prohibited from an entrance when a bear appeared frequently in a course, let's guide a different place.
※Prior registration is necessary to enter it.
You may not participate when late for the meeting time.

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The tour start time is decided from 8:10 to 15:30, every 10 minutes to 20 minutes. Please be sure to fill in the start time you wish.
It is necessary to register participant information in advance. Please be sure to fill in the full name, age, gender, nationality of all participants.
Shiretoko goko tour  Shiretoko goko tour
From May to June: You can almost monopolize a lake because off-seas
May: The giant skunk cabbage blooms 
Shiretoko goko tour Shiretoko goko tour
From July to September: The hot day is cool in the forest and is comfortable
Middle of October -: As for the snowcap first with colored leaves

 Book Now There is the person who does not rarely get communication.
Please be careful not to input a wrong e-mail address.

I reply basically within 24 hours.
There might be a trouble from this even if it passed further when there was not communication.
I am very sorry, but, please contact me once again.

When there is not a one week reply, I judge that there is not intention of the participation and may cancel it.

I want communication by 19:00 two days ago.

My e-mail address is this.

 Because you may disappear in the spam mail, please put it in a title with "guide"
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