Access to Shiretoko
Wild Shiretoko. I guide you.
Approximate distance
approximate time required
Abashiri 80 1.6
Memannbetu airport 90 1.8
Nakashibetu airport 90 1.8
Kushiro aairport 180 3.6
Asahikawa 280 5.6
Sapporo 440 8.8

Fee and time required of by bus to Shiretoko
(To Utoro Onsen BUs Turminal)
 Starting spot Bus name approximate time required fare
Memanbetsu airport  Shari bus  2hours \2300
 Shari station  Airport liner 50min \1650
 Sapporo station Eagle liner 7.5hours \8230
 ※I calculate at car 50km/h the time required

 Because there is the jumping out of the animal, come by careful driving without the unreasonableness very much.

※The Shiretoko crossing road is closed in winter

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