Wild Shiretoko. I guide you.

○When a guide judges bad weather to be dangerous, there is a thing canceling a tour
○we are prohibited from an entrance when a bear appeared frequently in a course.
In that case, I change it to other courses or cancel it.
○Payments must be prepaid.
I send an email of the request later.
○Please be never late on start time.
You cannot participate in a tour when you are late for start time.
I consider that you abandoned a right to participate in a tour.
I cannot refund fee.
○About cancellation
A following cancellation rate produces the cancellation by visitor circumstances except the cancellation by the bad weather of the day.
・Free :until one week ago
・50% of ... rates the day before until 17:00
・100% :the day before After 17:00, morning of the day and cancellation without permission.

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