About me
Wild Shiretoko. I guide you.
kohki suganuma  Kohki Suganuma

1971 Chiba product.

Through a cake maker, a salesclerk at fly fishing pro shop, a salesclerk at used personal computer shop, guide business starts from 2002.

Hokkaido outdoor guide qualification, Lake Shiretoko five authorization leader.

My hobby is fly fishing and a motorcycle and camping.

My motto "Penny wise and pound foolish"

 Probably I am the strangest guide in Shiretoko.

"Pleasure" has top priority and guides you.

I do not do the difficult talk.

I guide you humorously.

Let's take the pleasant photograph!

(I prepare the small tools)
guide tourguide tour
I do not do the difficult commentary.
I intend to do the commentary that I am plain, and is pleasant.
If you like Shiretoko after a tour and want to come back again, I am very glad.

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