Wild Shiretoko. I guide you.
Snow trekking Tour

Snow covers the plant, and the bear hibernates,
we can go to the depths of the forest with snow shoes.
The winter Shiretoko five lakes can walk the surface of a lake.
Shiretoko Five Lakes course

We can go by car to the Shiretoko Five Lakes .
But it until this year.
Coming and going 10 kilos must walk from the next year.

Per person: 4500 yen + snow removal cooperation fee
(Snow removing cooperation fee for 2017 was 1,500 yen.
2018 is still unknown.)

Walk distance: Approximately 3km
The time required: Approximately three hours

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We can walk on the ice.
Elevated wooden path in snow

Snow field course

For snow trekking beginner.
It is scenic and can enjoy it.
We go to the place not to be able to walk only in winter.

Per person: 3,000 yen
(Participation by one person is +2000 yen)
Walk distance: Approximately 2km
The time required: Approximately 2 hours

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The Shiretoko Mountains whiten by snow.
The waterfall freezing blue is beautiful.

Deep forest course

For the person who is unsatisfactory in the beginner course.
Because even a beginner can walk,
I want you to feel relieved.
We walk the place not to be able to go without the guide.

Per person: 4,000 yen
(Participation by one person is +2000 yen)

Walk distance: Approximately 2km
The time required: Approximately 2 hours

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In snow shoes in a forest.
You may look at Shiretoko cape.

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○I reply basically within 24 hours.
There might be a trouble from this even if it passed further when there was not communication.
I am very sorry, but, please contact me once again.

○When there is not a one week reply, I judge that there is not intention of the participation and may cancel it.

○I want communication by 19:00 two days ago.

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